The Original Wedding & Event Professional Assn.

on the West Coast of Florida


  • Assemble your team with Weddings of Sarasota members
  • Plan your budget well in advance and stick to it
  • Ask for referrals from prospective vendors
  • Assign a wedding party member to assist vendors if needed
  • Charge two people with gown bustling and practice
  • Sleep with a cold pack over your eyes to avoid puffy eyes
  • Measure your gown to hit the top of your toes - not below
  • Execute contracts with all of your vendors - get it in writing
  • Make accommodations early for out-of-town guests
  • Be sweet to your feet - wear comfortable shoes a bit larger than usual and bring an extra pair
  • Register with gift & department store registries
  • Coordinate details of cake & other items as appropriate


Let us Create your Perfect Wedding and Make your Dreams come True 


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Weddings of Sarasota is the original wedding & event association serving the west coast of  Florida since 1996.

As a participating member, or a client you can be assured of consummate experts to plan, organize, serve, and make the special day an event to remember. Click here to learn more

with us 

For more information about Weddings of Sarasota, please contact us here with any questions you may have.

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